Saturday, January 24, 2009

Psych: Earth, Wind, and...Wait For It

Last night's episode of Psych was too funny. Shawn and Gus were working on an arson's case. A perfect case for them, because, when they were younger, they wanted to be firemen. I liked when, after they found a dead body - well, burnt skeleton at the first crime scene, Shawn and Gus goes to the fire station to do a little investigation of their own. They run into Chief Dan and told him about the crime and they were hit with sad news. They found out that their childhood, Fireman hero, Chief Paul had died and another fireman had died in a fire in 98.

Shawn and Gus gets a chance to be a fireman, after Chief Dan told them that they could talk to two of his men. A drill was about to take place and in order for them to get answers, they jump in and joined the drill. Lets keep in mind that Shawn and Gus aren't firemen. LOL, poor babies. They even had the chance to ride the fire truck.

There are so many funny scenes in this episode and one of them, was when Shawn and Gus goes back to the fire station, and follows Chief Dan into the locker room. They suspected him of being the arsonist. When they walk in the room, they see the Chief Dan was talking to kids about the fire department. This scene would have to be seen, in order to see how funny it was. Gus had an axe in his hand.  I am sure that Shawn and Gus had crush some of the children dream of being a firefighter. 

I can't wait to see next week's episode. Shawn and Gus will be on a football field. I didn't blog about the other two episode that aired this month, starting with the season premier on January 5. But, maybe one day, I will blog about them. 


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