Saturday, January 24, 2009

Psych: Earth, Wind and... Wait For It

I haven't posted about the two previous espiode of Psych. This is the 3rd episode, since Psych returned on January 5, 2009. Last night episode was too funny. Shawn and Gus are too funny. Shawn's father actually didn't like the fact, when Shawn was younger than he wanted to be a fireman, instead of a cop like his father.  

Gus and Shawn both wanted to be firemen, when they were young. LOL, in this episode they had a chance to be a temporary fireman. They even participated in a fire department drill. They was in for a surprise. All in the name of the job, right?

Shawn and Gus was after a man they thought was crooked. They even followed him into a room. Gus was carrying the axe. When they entered the room, they was surprise to see that man was there to tell little kids about the fire department. 

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