Thursday, January 1, 2009

Andrew Dan-Jumbo

I use to watch this show called While You Were Out, just because of this man. Mr. Andrew Dan-Jumbo. I love the British accent. I loved that way that Andrew would make a person at home on TV and off TV. He made the show interesting. He was forever wearing printed shirts as he is wearing in the picture. Always bring fun to the show. He's a carpenter and he owns his own business. He even stars in another home improvement show. Take Home Handy Man. I think it still comes on Saturdays. I was watching it at one time and I've missed a few episodes and later found out that the time has been changed and when I wanted to watch it at the new time, I've only seen it once at the new time and then the next time something else was playing.

I will be on the look out to see if I can find the show again and if it has been canceled like While You Were Out was, I hope to see Mr. Dan-Jumbo on another show. He is an excellent carpenter and he looks like he loves doing carpentry and that's a good thing, when you love doing something that you are good at.

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