Sunday, December 21, 2008

Psych - Shawn and Gus

I can't wait until January 9th, for the new season of Psych. I love this comedy show. I love to hear Shawn and Gus scream. Talk about funny!

I'm so happy that I have started watching this show in 2006. I have to admit, I use to see the preview on USA for a new show starting soon called Psych, but I have never watched it. I have never took out the time to find out what it would be about or even what time it would come on. What gotten me to watch it, was a Saturday morning a little after 12 a.m. I was was flipping my TV and seen an episode of Psych. The episode was - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece. I didn't catch the show in the beginning, more like the last 30 minutes. After watching that episode, later on that day, I found out that a marathon was coming on and I started watching it. Thank goodness the marathon was for all day and the episodes was replaying again, so I've recorded it. From that day on, I was hooked.

One thing about this show that I love is that we have interracial best friends. How cute! Shawn and Gus have been best friends since they were 5 years old. How sweet!

Shawn's, father - Henry (an ex-cop) had made Shawn remember things, when he was young. Shawn was good at it and that's what helping him in his co-Psych business with Gus. Gus is the working friend. He has a real job, as he tells Shawn. Gus is a pharmaceutical representative. Shawn had a lot of jobs, but didn't stay on them. Now he and Gus are working for the police department, whenever their service is needed. They even help other clients, when they need to as well.

Shawn is a fake Psych and the only ones that knows this is Gus and Shawn's father, Henry. Yet, they will never rat on Shawn. Henry, even help his son out, when he can and as for Gus, well Shawn is his best friend and to me, Shawn needs Gus. Many cases that they needed to solve, Gus' smartness helped. Did I mention that Gus is like the geek in the friendship?

These men are my law fighters with laughter. Trust me, Shawn and Gus will have you laughing. Maybe not all the times, but some times, they will.

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