Sunday, December 21, 2008

CSI Miami Tim Speedle (Speed)

I've started watching CSI Miami this year and I have came across this sexy crime scene investigator. If I have came across him 6 years ago, I would have been watching CSI Miami, no doubt.

I have gone to one of my aunt's house on a Friday nights, a few months ago and she wanted me to watch this show called CSI Miami. In the beginning of this year, she would ask me if I have seen CSI. I knew that I have gotten her hooked on Law & Order CI and I would just refer it to CI, so I thought that's the show she would be asking me about. She started talking about a woman name Calleigh. I was like, no one on CI name is Calleigh. So, she wanted me to watch this CSI show she was talking about and I have. Three episodes came on back to back. Lets say that the show has caught my attention, but Speed wasn't in any of the episodes. This other guy Wolf was in them. When, I have gotten home, I've looked up this show and found out that it comes on twice on weekdays 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. - the same episode plays and on Fridays (2 of the same episodes and three following them), Saturdays (three episodes) and Sundays (three episodes).

One weekday, I've set my VCR to record CSI Miami and when I have gotten home, I have sat down and watched the episode. This time, I have seen a face that I didn't see at my aunt's house. I didn't even know the guy's name. In on scene, Horatio was questioning a man and then he said speed. I thought he was telling the man that he was speeding. A man walks in and ask to see the man's hand. At that moment, it didn't down on me that Horatio was calling this man Speed. One thing that I do know is that when I have first seen him, I was like, he's cute. He was the reason why I wanted to record the day time shows, because I wanted to see more of him. I wanted to see more of this Speed man.

I have even went online and on youtube to see if I can see more about Speed. I have seen a clip of Speed getting killed. That was sad news to me. I have Lost Son on tape twice and have not watched the episode, because I don't want to see Speed die. I have seen him die on youtube, but I want to remember him living. One day, I will watch the episode.

After recording a few CSI Miami episodes with Speed and noticing that they are showing Wolf. I was like, wait, I am just getting into this show and this man is already gone. So, one Saturday, I have gone to the library and checked out Season one of CSI Miami. I have sat down and watched all of the episodes. Loving the scenes with Speed.

I thought that A&E wasn't going to be playing Speed episodes anymore, but one day, I've gone IMDB to read up on Rory Cochrane, who plays Speed and I clicked on CSI Miami, under his listing to see how many episodes he had played on. That's when I have seen that A&E will be airing shows that I have never seen on A&E, but on the DVD and I was happy. I have went to my recording the show, because I have only had a chance to record like the last 4 episodes of season one, before A&E started playing episodes with Wolf.

I wish that A&E will show all of season 2. They haven't shown a few of them. I have a huge percentage of them on tape as well.

I love Speed, because not only is his cute. He's a teamplayer. He's a hard worker. He's sacrastic. He's too himself. He's quiet.

I just hate how his character was written as a cop. Here, Speed is a cop. A good one at that, but yet, he's ignorant, when it comes down to handliing a gun. They have him not realizing that you have to clean your gun. I can see why Rory wasn't happy being on the show. The reason why Speed gets killed, is because of him not cleaning his gun. In another episode, Speed is shot, because Speed didn't clean his gun. Come on! Why does Eric gets to know how to use his gun or even Wolf, but not Speed? I didn't like that.

Speed will be missed on CSI Miami. But, hopefully, I will be able to see Rory in action on 24. A show that I don't watch, but is willing to check it out to see Rory.


  1. Hi! I am also a big fan of Speed. I have watched CSI Miami from the beginning, so I did have the luxury of viewing him until his sad demise. I am always on the lookout for episodes with Speed in them. I never liked Eric and was angry that Speed was killed off. Wolf does not rate well in my book either. I am still an avid fan of the show, because even though Speed is a memory, I have always liked Horatio Caine.

  2. Hey Danielle,

    Thank you for posting. I wish that Rory didn't want to leave the show. He did a great job as Speed and he's truly missed. I love watching the episodes with Speed. If you want know when Speed episodes will air, go to and search for Rory Cochrane and scroll down until you see CSI Miami. Click to show all. If any of the episodes he plays in is airing or going to air, there will be a date next to it. I've record his episodes from TV. I've also checked out the seasons he was on from the library and watched them.

  3. It was sad when Speedle was killed off , I liked him so much.. but I also love Horatio Caine always... <3

  4. I might do a Speed maranthon this weekend.