Sunday, December 21, 2008

Butch Ada: Saving Grace

I remember being on a yahoo group dedicated to Suzanne Brockmann's book and there was a discussion about who could play characters from Suzanne's book. I remember reading Suzanne's option on her board, about who she think could be Sam. She said Josh Holloway. Which don't get me wrong, he is cute and I was going with him at first, but my decision changed quickly, after looking at Bailey Chase, who plays Butch Ada on Saving Grace. A fan on the group said that she believed that Bailey/Butch could play Sam Starrett. She told us to go look at him on IMDB. There is a picture of Butch and some of the other characters and she is right. I imagine Sam looking like Bailey Chase/Butch.

I watch Saving Grace, because of Butch Ada. He has my attention. I love seeing his scenes. Butch isn't a Texan born, but he is a part of Texas. He went to college there and he loves showing his support for Texas. He already has a southern accent. Very sexy on him. He wears jeans, spots a belt with the Texas bull buckle and even even wears cowboy boots. Oh, and he wears a hat. Sam wears jeans and boots, but I have never read where he wears a hat or even the Texas Bull buckle. Butch even have other Texas Bull items on his desk.

Butch and Sam both like to take the bad guy now.

Butch use to date Grace. I have to say, I don't see where they have made a cute couple. I hate when Butch fights his friend Ham over Grace. Ham is a married man, well separated from his wife now, but when they were together, he was sleeping with Grace. He can't stand to see Butch talk to Grace, without him getting jealous.

One episode, they show Grace and Butch kissing and that lead to them having sex, but it better had been a dream that Grace was having. I don't want him with Grace. She needs to remain his past. It's okay that they be friends, but she is not the committed kind. Butch needs someone that will only be with him. Grace is not the only woman in the sea.

Butch is sexy and trust me, he is a good, bad boy.

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