Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jordan Murphy

I have to admit, Jordan Murphy was the reason why I have watched For Love or Money. I could have cared less what happened on the show.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nathan Lyon of A Lyon In The Kitchen

Nathan Lyon is a cute man. He looks good bald. He's a chef. I have watched his show a few times. He loves to cook. He has fun cooking.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Butch Ada: Saving Grace

I remember being on a yahoo group dedicated to Suzanne Brockmann's book and there was a discussion about who could play characters from Suzanne's book. I remember reading Suzanne's option on her board, about who she think could be Sam. She said Josh Holloway. Which don't get me wrong, he is cute and I was going with him at first, but my decision changed quickly, after looking at Bailey Chase, who plays Butch Ada on Saving Grace. A fan on the group said that she believed that Bailey/Butch could play Sam Starrett. She told us to go look at him on IMDB. There is a picture of Butch and some of the other characters and she is right. I imagine Sam looking like Bailey Chase/Butch.

I watch Saving Grace, because of Butch Ada. He has my attention. I love seeing his scenes. Butch isn't a Texan born, but he is a part of Texas. He went to college there and he loves showing his support for Texas. He already has a southern accent. Very sexy on him. He wears jeans, spots a belt with the Texas bull buckle and even even wears cowboy boots. Oh, and he wears a hat. Sam wears jeans and boots, but I have never read where he wears a hat or even the Texas Bull buckle. Butch even have other Texas Bull items on his desk.

Butch and Sam both like to take the bad guy now.

Butch use to date Grace. I have to say, I don't see where they have made a cute couple. I hate when Butch fights his friend Ham over Grace. Ham is a married man, well separated from his wife now, but when they were together, he was sleeping with Grace. He can't stand to see Butch talk to Grace, without him getting jealous.

One episode, they show Grace and Butch kissing and that lead to them having sex, but it better had been a dream that Grace was having. I don't want him with Grace. She needs to remain his past. It's okay that they be friends, but she is not the committed kind. Butch needs someone that will only be with him. Grace is not the only woman in the sea.

Butch is sexy and trust me, he is a good, bad boy.

Psych - Shawn and Gus

I can't wait until January 9th, for the new season of Psych. I love this comedy show. I love to hear Shawn and Gus scream. Talk about funny!

I'm so happy that I have started watching this show in 2006. I have to admit, I use to see the preview on USA for a new show starting soon called Psych, but I have never watched it. I have never took out the time to find out what it would be about or even what time it would come on. What gotten me to watch it, was a Saturday morning a little after 12 a.m. I was was flipping my TV and seen an episode of Psych. The episode was - Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece. I didn't catch the show in the beginning, more like the last 30 minutes. After watching that episode, later on that day, I found out that a marathon was coming on and I started watching it. Thank goodness the marathon was for all day and the episodes was replaying again, so I've recorded it. From that day on, I was hooked.

One thing about this show that I love is that we have interracial best friends. How cute! Shawn and Gus have been best friends since they were 5 years old. How sweet!

Shawn's, father - Henry (an ex-cop) had made Shawn remember things, when he was young. Shawn was good at it and that's what helping him in his co-Psych business with Gus. Gus is the working friend. He has a real job, as he tells Shawn. Gus is a pharmaceutical representative. Shawn had a lot of jobs, but didn't stay on them. Now he and Gus are working for the police department, whenever their service is needed. They even help other clients, when they need to as well.

Shawn is a fake Psych and the only ones that knows this is Gus and Shawn's father, Henry. Yet, they will never rat on Shawn. Henry, even help his son out, when he can and as for Gus, well Shawn is his best friend and to me, Shawn needs Gus. Many cases that they needed to solve, Gus' smartness helped. Did I mention that Gus is like the geek in the friendship?

These men are my law fighters with laughter. Trust me, Shawn and Gus will have you laughing. Maybe not all the times, but some times, they will.

CSI Miami Tim Speedle (Speed)

I've started watching CSI Miami this year and I have came across this sexy crime scene investigator. If I have came across him 6 years ago, I would have been watching CSI Miami, no doubt.

I have gone to one of my aunt's house on a Friday nights, a few months ago and she wanted me to watch this show called CSI Miami. In the beginning of this year, she would ask me if I have seen CSI. I knew that I have gotten her hooked on Law & Order CI and I would just refer it to CI, so I thought that's the show she would be asking me about. She started talking about a woman name Calleigh. I was like, no one on CI name is Calleigh. So, she wanted me to watch this CSI show she was talking about and I have. Three episodes came on back to back. Lets say that the show has caught my attention, but Speed wasn't in any of the episodes. This other guy Wolf was in them. When, I have gotten home, I've looked up this show and found out that it comes on twice on weekdays 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. - the same episode plays and on Fridays (2 of the same episodes and three following them), Saturdays (three episodes) and Sundays (three episodes).

One weekday, I've set my VCR to record CSI Miami and when I have gotten home, I have sat down and watched the episode. This time, I have seen a face that I didn't see at my aunt's house. I didn't even know the guy's name. In on scene, Horatio was questioning a man and then he said speed. I thought he was telling the man that he was speeding. A man walks in and ask to see the man's hand. At that moment, it didn't down on me that Horatio was calling this man Speed. One thing that I do know is that when I have first seen him, I was like, he's cute. He was the reason why I wanted to record the day time shows, because I wanted to see more of him. I wanted to see more of this Speed man.

I have even went online and on youtube to see if I can see more about Speed. I have seen a clip of Speed getting killed. That was sad news to me. I have Lost Son on tape twice and have not watched the episode, because I don't want to see Speed die. I have seen him die on youtube, but I want to remember him living. One day, I will watch the episode.

After recording a few CSI Miami episodes with Speed and noticing that they are showing Wolf. I was like, wait, I am just getting into this show and this man is already gone. So, one Saturday, I have gone to the library and checked out Season one of CSI Miami. I have sat down and watched all of the episodes. Loving the scenes with Speed.

I thought that A&E wasn't going to be playing Speed episodes anymore, but one day, I've gone IMDB to read up on Rory Cochrane, who plays Speed and I clicked on CSI Miami, under his listing to see how many episodes he had played on. That's when I have seen that A&E will be airing shows that I have never seen on A&E, but on the DVD and I was happy. I have went to my recording the show, because I have only had a chance to record like the last 4 episodes of season one, before A&E started playing episodes with Wolf.

I wish that A&E will show all of season 2. They haven't shown a few of them. I have a huge percentage of them on tape as well.

I love Speed, because not only is his cute. He's a teamplayer. He's a hard worker. He's sacrastic. He's too himself. He's quiet.

I just hate how his character was written as a cop. Here, Speed is a cop. A good one at that, but yet, he's ignorant, when it comes down to handliing a gun. They have him not realizing that you have to clean your gun. I can see why Rory wasn't happy being on the show. The reason why Speed gets killed, is because of him not cleaning his gun. In another episode, Speed is shot, because Speed didn't clean his gun. Come on! Why does Eric gets to know how to use his gun or even Wolf, but not Speed? I didn't like that.

Speed will be missed on CSI Miami. But, hopefully, I will be able to see Rory in action on 24. A show that I don't watch, but is willing to check it out to see Rory.